We are Moving…Part Two-Settling in.

Dear Friends

I’ve been receiving some eager-beaver messages about when I’ll be posting an update in regards to the inside of Bronson-David and my new dwelling. The wait is over!

Now, try not to get too excited as there still isn’t a ‘typical living room’ or ‘dining room’ set-up, as of yet, however the both of us need and prefer very little; after all less is more when following a minimalist lifestyle!


As you can see, plenty of sunshine and very little furniture.


An adjoining bathroom from the main bedroom and sliding doors which lead out to a small porch where B.D enjoys the winter sun.


The powder room and study room. These rooms are rarely used and I feel don’t need to be filled with any extra furniture.

As I add to the main room, I’ll keep you updated.

Relish the Stillness within.




  1. Hi there, thanks a million. I’d to see some of your ideas, that would be so lovely. And thank you for the timely reminder of Tolle’s ethos ❤️❤️


  2. Hi there, nice to hear from you again, I’d say you’ve been extremely busy lately but it looks as though it’s all been worthwhile. The house is just beautiful and your taste is lovely. It’s like my dream house!!! Lxxx


    1. Hi Lol, I’m so happy to hear from you! Yes it’s been quite busy. I also read you had been busy too, with your trip to L.A. I will go on your site and read all about it. If you like I’ll send you some ideas I have for a dining and living area, I’d love to get a few opinions 😁Thank you again for writing and remember to be fully aware of the present moment ( Just love a Eckhardt and his teachings, and had to throw that in) Blessings to you 🌸

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